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We could go on all day talking about the quality workmanship that goes into each of our projects, but we'll leave the bragging to our satisfied customers.

"Schaffer Construction built a 1250 sq ft home for me in 2008. What might have been a scary future was made painless by Mike and his crew. Having never built a home before, it was quite a fearful process, but this was made easier with Schaffers. There were really no regrets in the entire process. It was one of the most satisfying things ever to see something we had designed and planned take shape and become such a lovely and pleasing home."

"I Couldn't imagine doing it better with anyone else. While people we know struggle with so many aspects of their building, ours was actually often a delight. We enjoyed watching the home grow ann understanding everything from the ground up. We had the chance to change a few things we hadn't gotten quite right and found this to be relatively easy and not exorbitant. From the sketching phase to the drafting and building, then the finish work we were happy with everything they did for us. We found our expectations were met and it was within the cost we had planned for in the beginning."


-Lloyd and Shelley Clarke :: Project Type: 1250 sq ft Home

"Thank you for a job well done on the construction of our home in Cardston. We spent several months designing our home and had every detail planned. We appreciate your suggestions and the care you took in building it exactly how we wanted it. It has been most rewarding for us to plan and design our home and then have it built with exactness and care. You have more than met our expectations."

"We're very impressed with the fine quality of finishing - even in the closets and storage rooms, where there could be tendency to slacken off. You did a great job of making sure your carpenters kept up a high standard of excellence. We noticed that when there was a fussy job to be done, you were there working alongside your men teaching and training to make sure it was done right. We also appreciate your choice of the tradesmen that you selected for the good work they did"


-Gordon & Sherron Caldwell :: Project Type: New Home
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"In February of 2007, my wife and I contracted with Schaffer Construction to build us a new home in Cardston, AB. We chose our own house plan, and had them modify that plan to suit our wants and needs."

"As the construction progressed, there were several instances where Schaffer Construction suggested things they thought would improve our home. We agreed with their suggestions and were very glad we did. The additional costs for any changes were reasonable, and did, in fact, improve our over-all satisfaction with our home."

"The project possession date was the first of November 2007. Even though 2007 was a busy construction year in Southern Alberta, causing some shortages of building materials and sub-trades, we still received possession of our home at the end of November 2007."

"Our experience with Schaffer Construction was totally satisfactory. We feel that the quality of materials and workmanship were excellent, and that they truly wanted to provide a quality home for us."

"We love our new home, and would definitely recommend Schaffer Construction to anyone."

  -Albert & Diane Murphy :: Project Type: New Home
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